Acoustic Metal EP with a cat leadsinger!


Track List:

1. (And Then They Took All Her Dogs To) Doggy Jail
2. Get Safe
3. Ten Beers Please
4. Combat Wombat Cowboy



Let's Go Exploring! / The Random Notes of Decay split 12" vinyl record.


Co-Release with Gaines St Records.
On randomly colored vinyl. We pick, You listen.



Split release featuring Davenport Cabinet & One Small Step For Landmines.


Davenport Cabinet is the solo side project of Coheed & Cambria guitarist Travis Stever.


On this release, One Small Step For Landmines is singer/guitarist Kevin Allen accompanied with Chris Pennie (drummer, Coheed & Cambria), and George Hage.


Davenport Cabinet - Side 1:

Blood And Rain
All Silence Breaks
Wires and Satellites

One Small Step For Landmines - Side 2:

Earth's Last Citizen



Tallahassee, Florida Synth-rock/Dance band, Power Plant, has been performing over the past 3 years and built an audience thick enough to draw a packed room of dancing fans a night.


The dynamic of Power Plant is based around the duo of Drummer Andrew Woodruff and keyboardist Reid Drapp. In 2009, after the release of their free downloadable record "Provides", Power Plant decided to expand their line up with guitarist/arranger Travis Nottingham.


Power Plant's songwriting originated from their interests in writing rhythm based 80's punk songs from such bands as Minor Threat and Black Flag, but given a modern dance feel. Many fans have pointed out a similarity to 8-bit based music from the Nintendo NES.


Track List:

1. You
2. Clue
3. Dark Pulse
4. Parts
5. Vibrations
6. Pleasense
7. Protest Song '09
8. A Good Night
9. Visitors



One Small Step For Landmines debut full-length is available again for digital download.


This album features guest musicians such as Jim Ward (Sparta, At The Drive-In), Jason Freese (Green Day) and Matt Agrella (Look Mexico).


Track List:

1. I Don't Think
2. Good Men Die Young And I'm Not Feeling Well
3. Take Me, Seriously
4. Is There Anybody Out There
5. Everything's Gonna Be All Right
6. I Am The New Lloyd
7. Don't Go To Hell
8. The Difference
9. What I'm Down For
10. Sharpening Knives

+ Free Bonus Track with full album download



Debut full-length by Florida punk rock bands Friends Of Friends is available for free download.


Also, if you'd like a copy on CD we have it on the cheap for sale at the Levy Park store.


Track List:

1. Stillness Illness
2. I am the Catalyst
3. Some Kind of Fake
4. Desert Bed
5. The Search for the Perfect Wage
6. Land of Left Behind
7. Endless Bummer
8. Restless Legs
9. Path of Logic
10. Enough Was Enough